A day in New York, tucked between Oslo and Albuquerque. I  haven’t been in the City since joining my friend Cathy for the bus ride to the Women’s March in DC  lo those many years ago. And…god help us…the slimeball against whom we were protesting is still in place—but I digress. It was good to be in this most exciting of cities again however briefly. To many of us, New York means… Read More

The last fifteen hours have taken me on a mesmerizing journey. Since Saturday is one of my travel blog days it is good to have a fascinating and what turned out to be an unstoppable reading adventure to share. I picked up The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt at 1:00AM and finished minutes ago almost exactly at 3:00PM. The Goldfinch is described as a literary novel and it also happens to have won… Read More