A day in New York, tucked between Oslo and Albuquerque. I  haven’t been in the City since joining my friend Cathy for the bus ride to the Women’s March in DC  lo those many years ago. And…god help us…the slimeball against whom we were protesting is still in place—but I digress. It was good to be in this most exciting of cities again however briefly.

To many of us, New York means Manhattan with her hip sister, Brooklyn, increasingly part of the mix as more of the arts scene moves there. This was my first time in Queens however for longer than the ride from the airport. I was actually staying near LaGuardia in the simplest and most inexpensive of airbnbs so a visit to the borough of Manhattan took on a new dimension.

It went like this:

A Bus Ride

A Subway Ride

A Central Park Sighting

A 3.4 Mile Walk down Fifth, Third, and Second Avenues to St. Marks in the East Village.

2 Comments on “A NEW YORK MINUTE

  1. Thanks Marj for this report of a day in New York City..the same key day as we went through several heavy duty hours of hearings (glued to the TV screen) concerning the nomination of judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court: it seemed his opening statement was directed to one PROTUS we know so well and on the name of church and religion so I will believe psychiatrist Christina Ford rather than Brett and hope he doesn’t get confirmed” awful to see what is happening to this country in which so many people from around the world have for so long believed in!

  2. Oh I could use a New York City visit. In the meantime, thank you so much for this wonderful photo essay. The window displays are always just so amazing in NYC. All my best.

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