I WANT TO PARTIALLY BLOCK OUT MY FRONT WINDOWS WITH PLANTS FOR A SENSE OF BOTH PRIVACY AND LIGHT. WORKING ON WAYS TO DO THAT. THIS IS FIRST STEP. It’s January 2, 2017 now but I’ve had guests and visitors and distractions so I declare TODAY the first official day of the new year. It appears that one of the (dis?)advantages of aging is the inability to live and think on more… Read More

Saturday. Sometimes the trip coming up just scares me. Not places or people or missed connections or expense or cold or heat. It is all about me and my vulnerabilities. This blog, as you already know is called Time & Place for several reasons. Among them my love for history and geography but also, increasingly, my forced fascination with aging, the latter inspiring my travel trepidation. It’s that I’m not young and… Read More