November 17, 2017: Varanasi, India. Only a post or two to go before I’m cleared for the deep dive into INDIA (which should always be spelled with capital letters because it is always shouting at all of our senses). But before the Ganges, there was Everest. November 14, 2017: Kathmandu, Nepal. Today was the long-anticipated flight around Everest. Airport at 5am. Off at 6:30 for the hour’s ride forth and back past… Read More

November 13, 2017: Okay so another day. Can I just say I love Nepal. Kathmandu. Of course I do.  November 12, 2017: Sunday Night in Kathmandu…isn’t there a dirty ditty of some sort by that name?  In any case this will be a quick and dirty diary ramble with few pretty pictures and practically no full sentences…maybe just adjectives? I traveled most of two days to get here to the Apsara Boutique… Read More