November 17, 2017: Varanasi, India. Only a post or two to go before I’m cleared for the deep dive into INDIA (which should always be spelled with capital letters because it is always shouting at all of our senses). But before the Ganges, there was Everest.

November 14, 2017: Kathmandu, Nepal. Today was the long-anticipated flight around Everest. Airport at 5am. Off at 6:30 for the hour’s ride forth and back past the Himalayas. I experienced some odd moments gazing at those mountains, teary-eyed actually. The earth is so grand and glorious…and we’re so not that. Mucking about with our trash and digging/piercing/exploding tools. Contemplating the garbage that’s been left behind on Everest by the climbers is to reach a last exasperated straw in thinking we can ever change our attitudes about who owns geography.

Just a few photos. Couldn’t print out the one of me raising the American Neset flag at the top.

8 Comments on “EVEREST

    • Hi…yes it was incredible…beautiful, awe-inspiring, and making me think very seriously about how badly we treat the earth. Thanks for your comment. Marjorie


    • Thank you…I just want back and had a look, and felt just a little of the overwhelming awe of being in the presence of such grand earth forms. I’ve watched some of the docs and I always thing…”if I were younger…and stronger…and braver… Great good luck to your partner. Marj

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