Day number one in tourist/traveler land. Been to THE MALL—well actually BOTH MALLS. Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates for those of you who aren’t knowledgeable about the the Mall-Lands of the World).  My grandson and I are a little drunk. We’ve had beer and wine and talked economics and politics and should damn well be elected to run the world or at least a country or two.  Okay, so if you come… Read More

When last we spoke it was Thursday morning, now it’s just after noon on Friday the 12th in Albuquerque and 10PM Friday here—at the Novotel Mall of the Emirates NEXT to the Skiing Slopes of Dubai. An excellent trip has been had by all so far. Flight to LA, then on to our Emirates flight which was pretty much great. Granted it would have been greater had we been UPSTAIRS in business/first… Read More