When last we spoke it was Thursday morning, now it’s just after noon on Friday the 12th in Albuquerque and 10PM Friday here—at the Novotel Mall of the Emirates NEXT to the Skiing Slopes of Dubai.

An excellent trip has been had by all so far. Flight to LA, then on to our Emirates flight which was pretty much great. Granted it would have been greater had we been UPSTAIRS in business/first class which according to a woman in line with us would have been a mere $7,000 a ticket. So next time…

Up up and away...

Up up and away…

In terms of seating comfort Emirates seems about average for one of the big intercontinental guys. Maybe a little better than average or that’s just my imagination because several people had already been really nice.

This is a 16 hour flight so we went through several life cycles of food, sleep, longing to shower, reading, movies, etc. All very smoothly handled. I discovered long ago that other nations’ airlines aren’t as noisy with announcements and demands as U.S. airlines. Personnel less abrupt and demanding. So a quiet and peaceful time was had by all.

The food on Emirates is above average. Not as good as Air France in olden times but way way better than United or Delta or Lufthansa on overseas flights. Although in all honesty this is my first international flight in almost a year and a half so maybe gourmet is the word now on all airlines leaving our shores. Not. The lamb stew was delicious and breakfast omelet with braised greens and grilled tomatoes even better. The only underachievers in the food department were a chocolate soufflé and, I am sorry to say, seriously bad coffee.

Overall we were most pleased with the service which from making seating arrangements with a real person a few days ahead to having someone work with us to make a second seating alteration on the plane to check-in to passport control and customs in Dubai—it was all handled smoothly and  pleasantly. I can truthfully say I’ll fly this airline whenever possible. Of course being the travel slut I am in a pinch I would fly on pretty much any airline—just not be as happy about it.

11PM: We are all caught up in our worlds thanks to the many devices we have brought along, showered, a little hungry maybe but not enough to find food. And what seems like will be an excellent breakfast buffet comes with the room so we’ll dream happily of morning.

It is unbelievably hot and humid here. Seriously. Like your glasses steam up when you step from the air conditioned cab.

We are happy—new country, new adventure.


  1. Good to hear from you guys….Dubai, Dubai,,,,what a shock when I had first gone there, almost 3 years ago on my way to Oman! The duty free shop, the largest in the world, at the airport, – the Dubai Mall with its singing water fountains, the luxury boutiques galore, the heat, the mosque near the Holiday Inn Express hotel where I stayed near shipyards, …all an overwhelming feeling being in a dream city out of space and on a new planet in a far away desert!

  2. Just read this as I just got back in Dover yesterday evening. So glad you had a nice flight. Thought of you a lot on the 11th as we both started our voyages. yours is certainly more exotic,but I am having “the time of my life”, as trite as that may sound. Thanks so much for Ghost Ranch, just the perfect start to a perfect vacation….happy travels

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