Meant to write in November. The virus that is the crazy-as-a-loon (Minnesota national bird and a Minnesotan expression for the craziest of the crazy) president and the virus that is a virus overwhelmed my best intentions. New resolution. December. Daily. Upbeat. New President, new vaccine, new house, new travel plans. Here’s a post I started the other morning at 3 when I couldn’t sleep because… At 3am this morning I decided it… Read More

About 8am here in London and we’re still in bed. Definitely unwound. Looks cloudy. I would like a misty warm soft gray day for our last walk-arounds. According to the weather reports from Albuquerque it’s all glaring sun and close to three-digit temps there. Hard to even fathom after a month in the cooler north of the world. We are finding London to be a very welcoming, all-encompassing, softer-edged city than maybe… Read More