2020 was what is known as a mixed blessing wasn’t it? Millions have died from Covid; even more millions have survived it with little impact on their lives. Most of us, through common sense, fear, and the wherewithal to follow reasonable guidelines, haven’t contracted it. The world—environmentally, socially, economically, and educationally—is in a probably-unstoppable free fall, but then that happened before Covid even reared its nasty head. A review. So I lost… Read More

This was going to be a positive happy-new-year post because I had intended to write my last post ever about Sleazy T. on the 31st…but did not. So here’s one final small diatribe against one of the nastiest and most ineffectual leaders in human history (thank god he was ineffectual or he might be nearer the top of that nasty list). As cult leaders go however he was and is dangerous enough…and… Read More