Afraid I’m losing the plot today. The drip drip drip of bad news wears one down. I shouldn’t complain right? Everyone I know is okay. Actually we all need to complain for the millions who aren’t. That’s my only Pollyanna (thinking of others) moment for the day. Bad mood me. Big cry baby Marjorie.

So tomorrow’s another day. My birthday. I was supposed to be going to bed early tonight in San Diego so Scott and I could be up by 4/5am to climb Black Mountain and then later in the day go out for my annual borscht extravaganza. Well, maybe I’ll go to bed early anyway. Because.

I made it to Costco to pick up meds. Scarf over my mouth, blue plastic gloves on. Straight back to the pharmacy. Straight home. My doc gives me prescriptions for a couple of extra meds for emergencies that I take along when I travel (like lyme disease in Norway or the near-death thing in Kyrgyzstan). I loaded up on all of them today…in case I must go live on ‘the old place’ in Minnesota, camped back in the woods, growing potatoes for the winter, living on dandelion greens and frogs this summer.

I’m only writing this because I vowed that starting April 1st I would daily-document the rest of pandemic-time so that when I publish 2020’s blog book there is something in it to commemorate the year…since it certainly won’t be tales of travel.

New Mexico’s numbers are climbing pretty rapidly for a state with only a couple of million people. Six people have died. I think most of them are old. But a 104 year-old-guy from somewhere in the world just recovered so there’s the glass-half-full perspective.

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    • Thanks Pat…I’m determined to be positive today. And so far it’s working … of course it’s only ten am. Work to do, first grocery delivery ever in my life! And a bag of potato chips in the mix which I’ve suddenly developed a craving for….see you this fall maybe or next spring if the world keeps spinning. Take very good care of yourself. Love, Marj

  1. Well, the plot is…there is no plot…We just have to do our duty and plod on. During WWII I am sure everyone was pretty much afraid of the unknown, knowing what hell was happening in great swaths of the world was always in the back of their mind. It could happen here….it could happen to me and my family…the war could come. So here we are…the pandemic could come, a different kind of war. But they got thru it…some bravely…some muddled thru…and most folks just did what they could to help….to help bring about an end to the war. Most did their duty. Most of us will do our duty. They had it much harder than we do…so we must all be brave…especially on our birthday. Happy Birthday

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