Before and after Tamerlane’s Terror.

Coming to you today from lovely downtown Osh, Kyrgyzstan. And it may well be lovely. I however have been enjoying it from my guesthouse sick bed. You are familiar with Delhi Belly and Montezuma’s Revenge…well, I (and now Scott and Teresa) appear to have the Central Asian  version…trying to name it…how about Tamerlane’s Terror?

So far Teresa and Scott seem to have the lighter version of Tamerlane’s Terror…could be something to do with age I reluctantly suppose. They’ve been eating more freely of all of the foods offered, which have for the most part been natural and fresh, but since we Americans must consume a certain amount of preservatives each day maybe all this fresh stuff is an issue? Which is why I recommend a certain amount of Fritos or Cheetos or Twinkies every day.

This has been a great journey until yesterday and will continue to be again by day after tomorrow. Every trip needs a mid-time ‘joy of travel’ correction or we’d simply all abandon our regular lives and live out on the open road.

So…when I return brilliant posts about this trip (you know, sights and sounds and tastes and talks) will be forthcoming. However for right now this short post on Kyrgyzstan must suffice because I’m still feeling offish. Although the miracle drug Cipro is making great progress. There was a double whammy involved for me since not only did the usual unpleasantness of eliminating every drop of one’s bodily fluids through all orifices (well, actually my ears were exempt) appear but lucky coffee-addict me had the accompanying delight of a severe caffeine withdrawal headache. All is well now however. I’ve managed a shower without falling over and eaten a banana…life back on track. Teresa and Scott are sleeping off their, hopefully, short version and we continue on with the perfect Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, “It’s not the DestinationIt’s the journey.”

We arrived from Tajikistan late evening before last. It was a long and semi-boring drive with a driver who appeared to be falling asleep. To keep the fear factor down I entertained myself by taking pictures of the countryside…through the car window on a bumpy road. Not spectacular it’s true but this way you will never have to drive from Batken to Osh because I have done it for you.



  1. Sorry you and your family are “under the weather”…I am as well, but sinus/cold or whatever. Let the traveler beware. This could happen in Delaware, but probably not. I don’t drink the water where I work, the pipes are lead and old. Since you are traveling in the “Stans”…perhaps you can call it having the “bad Stans.” Or is it the Badstans ? I hope your adventure is fun soon.

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