Me and the Bro.

This was intended to be a meaningful post about the importance of home and how fortunate some of us are to return often and to celebrate safety, heritage, family, memories. I wanted to say something about the millions in the world who can never go home again…the refugees…I always think about them when I’m here.

It’s late now though and there’s only time left in this day to thank Dr. Minnesota for alleviating my insomnia of the past two-three weeks. It was beginning to frighten me just a little—why?—maybe yet one more permanent gift from the gods of ageing? Then last night, with the June-green woods all around, I slept soundly…no pills, no scratchy-eyed scanning of one more page of a book I won’t remember in the morning, no extra trips across the hall to pee, no hot milk, no scary thoughts…….only sleep. Just to say again…home is a seriously important place.

Of course we went for a morning walk in the woods along the Mississippi. And of course I took the first of hundreds of tree leaf fern branch river pictures. There’s supposed to be a mama bear with her two cubs in the neighborhood but we didn’t see her. But here are some leaves.


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  1. You can go home again, you just did. Well, at least in your mind and that is why you slept so well. You just needed lots of oxygen from lots of trees with leaves…a real forest. now, doesn’t that feel good?

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