Albuquerque to Denver to Minneapolis 6:45am to 2:30pm. Minneapolis to Sioux Falls 4:00pm to 9pm.

Here I am. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. You only hear me talk about Minnesota and Norway. But there’s a darker side to my family’s story. We are part Swedish and have a South Dakota heritage as well. I’m kidding about that ‘darker’ part—I just say it because dad always claimed the reason my mom was so stubborn (and yes indeed she was—but in a good way…) was because of her Swedish blood.  During this summer of my Norwegian (and Swedish) obsession, some of my stories, references and asides are, perhaps…well, almost certainly, being repeated. Be patient, next year I’m traveling the Silk Road through the Stan countries where I have no relatives or tales from the past.

Today’s been a seriously fine down-time day. Sleeping late in the most comfortable little airbnb for which one could ever wish and lazing about in pleasant and familiar family conversation with two of my favorite cousins, Vivi and Marty. Good people, warm summer day in the Midwest, and now back in my temporary abode with excellent salty butter, heavy white bread (like mom used to make), good yogurt and milky coffee. Maybe it will even rain tonight. Life is good…a lot of the time actually. Here’s the picture album from yesterday’s trip getting here, mostly in photos of rare artifacts and occurrences. Such as Southwest planes and McDonalds’ food. Very rare. And sunsets. There are way too few photos of sunsets in the world.

Approaching the South Dakota border at dusk. New camera.

I’m liking the abnb idea better all of the time.


  1. South Dakota…..mcDonalds and Southwest Airlines what a combination. The vanilla shake I have tried….I think it is quite a sugar is sugar, right?

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