Oh oh…woke up this morning thinking about work and New Mexico and real life…In a good way. I’ve breathed in my Minnesota air, eaten sour cream raisin bars and walleye, hung out at ‘the old place,’ seen family and friends, driven lots of miles, and, did I mention all of my new shoes (Bender’s, Grand Rapids, great shoes). Refreshed and well-shod I can go home.

Here’s a big fat album of the trip up to the border, to be followed by another ‘old place’ and a picnic review.

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  1. There is something to be said about wide open spaces…sometimes that means wide open space full of trees and lakes…and not many people…and the same can be said for the southwest…wide opens spaces, but in a different way. Is it the quiet? the beauty of the places…the blue of the sky? what makes it special??

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