Instead of This…I Did This (In MINNESOTA)

Today was going to be about Grand Rapids, a nice little town on the edge of the Iron Range. Birthplace of Judy Garland!

Instead, Marsha and I have been working on most of the day. I see how people get hooked.  Genealogical research turns out to be an absorbing and time consuming pastime. Also most interesting in Marsha’s case because, while her mom and both Robert and my parents are rather recent arrivals from the ‘old country,’ it turns out her dad, William Jackson, has some serious American History. As in Plymouth, Massachusetts in the 1500s and, we think, some ancestors who did something or the other in the Revolution.

I’d feel a little inferior except for being able to trace my ancestry to an itinerant fiddler and Odin and Thor.

Luckily, we took a fairly long walk today so I have more photos of Trees and Grass and Leaves and Water to share. Tried for just a little different angle from the previous days of trees grass leaves water.

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