To travel widely is to feel at home in the world—at least this is the effect travel is having on me. Growing up in an isolated cabin in the snows of Minnesota apparently instilled in me a deep desire to connect with the rest of the world—to areas as different from Koochiching County as possible such as the African continent—and to places quite similar such as  Norway and my heritage—then on to every country in the world…!


Arne & Aslaug

 This summer I reveled in the Scandinavian traditions of family in South Dakota and Minnesota. Now, this fall, a very special treat has come my way—a visit from Norwegian cousins. Arne Neset, my second cousin, and Aslaug Neset, his beautiful wife. Arne is a retired professor and a writer (Arcadian Waters and Wanton Seas: The Iconology of Waterscapes in Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Culture) and Aslaug is a retired public relations official. They are very smart and funny and well-traveled. How absolutely lovely this visit has been. It is further connecting me to the world, to my heritage and to a warm and interesting and  accomplished new family. It is exciting to have African friends and Norwegian family.

New Mexico cell of the Norwegian mafia, guy on right is the son of one of Arne’s best friend–met by chance HERE.

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