We Do Love our Books and Electronics and Bed. What fun we have had and are having. It’s the fun of family and travel and mixing the important things of knowing more about the world with being silly about cold water showers and teasing about each of our peccadilloes. Steven takes being the guy responsible for two ladies seriously, is a great debater and comedian. Enjoys a variety of foods although his… Read More

Twenty years. Rwanda has many scars from the Genocide; some of the physical ones have become memorials to the slaughtered innocents. We visited two of the churches today where such horrific actions took place it is barely possible to believe them real. People flocking to what they had been led to believe was the place of a god of love and kindness and protection. Tutsis and moderate Hutus, fleeing from their Hutu… Read More

My favorite photo from ‘field trip’… bird with Lake Kivu as background. The Rwandan countryside is a bucolic paradise with endless banana plantations and the tiny garden plots and small houses nestled among them. Slick goats tied all along the roadsides munch away and the country people go to and fro along the highway to school, from the store, maybe just visiting the neighbor or for a church gathering or village meeting…. Read More

It’s Thursday afternoon. One of those tropical downpours outside. In which Teresa and Steven are roaming about the city—I imagine they’ll walk in the door soon soaking wet but happy for another adventure. Good for us southwesterners to know there’s this much water left in the world.  Rwanda. It is almost too perfect here…no struggle to walk on broken sidewalks, or multiple beggars and perpetually unfinished buildings; there are restaurants of every… Read More

December 2016: I am editing and adding photos to incorporate two Rwanda trips into this ‘one post of many pictures.’  The second trip, when I wrote most of this post, was in 2014 with grandchildren, Teresa and Steven. Here’s what I wrote then. RWANDA 2010: South Africa is sometimes called Africa Light because, with its generally good physical, organizational and governmental infrastructure, it’s not as heavy of a burden to live life as… Read More