Day Before Yesterday. Or thereabouts. In Almaty. A nice day has been had by all. Lace and Scott did some exploring in a Lacily-organized fashion and I did some wandering in my usual semi-lost fashion. The weather is early-fall wonderful, it’s a laid-back feeling city, and I find most things Russian interesting (in spite of the buddyhood of Donnie and Vladie) so it was a relaxing few hours. When I return I… Read More

Teresa and I were invited for treats, both the little girls playing and the fresh buns and berries kind, at my friend Adrienne’s house in what is the most charming of villages out on the city’s edge. Adrienne is married to a handsome IT guy whose kids greet him with screams of joy when he arrives home from work. She is engaged in her foodie cookerywriting passions and being an obviously great mom… Read More

Wednesday Evening It’s a rainy evening and although the day touring Buckingham Palace and attending the crass, raunchy, smart, funny Book of Mormon were good things for a London Day there’s been such tragedy in a friend’s life everything seems skewed and rather hopeless. Such awful things can happen in an instant. Makes me want to wrap Teresa in a big fuzzy blanket and never let her near danger of any kind…. Read More