The unexpected windfalls of travel. I may be the only person in Albuquerque with brand-new boy’s pajamas from the Mutra Souk in Muscat. Is that special or what? Last day in Oman. One day too many maybe but quite a unique time in an odd sort of way. The first day offered the experience of small-town life in a man’s world. The second day was more of the same with a couple… Read More

The laziest day of the whole long trip except maybe for one in Addis. Which is okay because there is nothing to do in Seeb in the heat of the day and in the night it’s just to walk around with the ‘boys.’ Although we think up to one percent of the people out this evening were female. We are both so glad we came here because it is a world we… Read More

Way too much exposure. Herds of Men. Gaggles of Men. Congregations of Men. Droves of Men. (of whom I did not know how to take pictures without being rude, maybe tomorrow) So glad we came to Seeb. It is a very different world away from the main city centers of Arabia, at least here in the Gulf States. On our long walk after the sun went down we experienced the WORLD OF… Read More

THE ROAD TO SEEB is paved with good intentions. But good intentions can go awry with booking snafus that wind up costing a lot of money, and officious petty bureaucrats, and long nights sitting directly behind jerks that recline their seats all of the way. The dark side of travel. Lonely Planet says “you can’t do better than a trip to Seeb,” a village just outside of Muscat, Oman. So here we are,… Read More