I left Vietnam a few days ago and don’t imagine I’ll have time in this life to return to a most magical of places. It filled my life through books and Ken Burns “The Vietnam War” for several weeks before the visit and will linger with me in memories and photos for a very long time. Now in Laos, tomorrow to Yangon, Myanmar. Time for a last photo album or two. Ho… Read More

Teresa and I spent many hours here, even given our short time in Hanoi. Enjoy.

It’s early Sunday morning, November 5th, in Luang Prabang. Once during every extended journey I must get sick. I’m sure there’s a moral here—shorter trips or building a healthier me. This cold/flu thing started yesterday morning in Hanoi and is clinging to me as I move on to Laos. Go away, I say. But all the penicillin and zinc and Emergen-C I can hold aren’t quite doing the trick. And I have little… Read More

November 3, 2017 in Hanoi…6:30pm.Teresa, also known as Lace, my travel pal/buddy/assistant/record keeper/guide/soulmate just left for the airport. I admit to being sad. Very sad to be honest. Over the approximately 23 years we’ve been traveling together, there have been more than a few changes—once I watched over her every move, afraid to let the lovely child out of my sight for a moment. Now she is handling much of the planning,… Read More

 Yesterday: Hoi An, tourist village extraordinaire…Let’s see…where were we? I know…yesterday evening in Hoi An. We are street walkers in a quaint village brimming over with tourists, that nevertheless manages to retain a low-key pleasantness that’s hard to match. Vietnamese people have a dignity about them that’s apparent in stores and restaurants and crowds—it’s something about the upright way they hold themselves and a politeness that’s half friendliness and half maintaining a… Read More