Depressed this week. Why? There’s that darn pandemic but that’s not it, not really. It’s this country. This government. It’s the ‘state of the union.’ You know how you wake up with the line of a song or poem running through your head, a stanza, a chant from your high school cheer (Northome High School, Hats off to Thee…was it really ‘thee’?), your mom’s voice, whatever. This morning it was ‘the day… Read More

The world is under house arrest, lockdown, it’s sheltering in place. Remember unsettling times of the past: fake ones like Y2K (we knew not to buy into the hype—but wasn’t it hard not to—just a little?); or the bona fide terror of 9/11 (when there was a real enemy—just not the one we blamed); and everything in between (like election night 2016). And now we have one doozy of an unsettlement. Covid-19…. Read More