How to give Sri Lanka its due given that we have been rather lackadaisical travelers to this storied land. Two days hanging out, one big around-the-country day and two more days hanging out. Too much hanging out—should have planned this better. We could have done the three-day trip to the famous sites but by now money is a consideration and our hotel here is all paid. Steven’s talking to his girlfriend Ashley… Read More

Stop. Do not even think it. It is not wrong to have lunch in a pleasant dining room with soft classical music in the background and black swans floating by outside the window. It. Is. Not. Even if one is in an exotic tropical land and should, by real traveler standards, be eating exotically pepper hot hot hot food at the local dive with its many cheap and exotic choices. Steven declares… Read More

Colombo, Sri Lanka. Humid, rainy season, Asian success story, frustrating and my 94th country. As stated ever so briefly last night, getting into the city from the airport with a completely clueless taxi driver (whom we contracted through the airport taxi service) who was forced to stop every four minutes to ask passersby where our hotel was (and who could not see very well) was a journey all its own for about… Read More