Somehow this poem matches my various moods related to our bosque walks. Although with a kind of reversal…I am often quite achy and gloomy about the world upon awakening…but by the time Steven and I (and this Sunday, Kalia) have been in a woods an hour or two, the world seems liveable, manageable…even good…and…now and then…great! Although if we were to walk … till the guns are dropped…till food reaches all…till the… Read More

How to love New Mexico again…with the passion I felt for this place the first years I lived here. Sometimes it’s easy. Yesterday morning for example. Steven and I walked from the river crossing above Rio Bravo south to Rio Bravo and back. Five and one-half miles. Starting just before 6 am and winding up at Modelos for a burrito and pineapple Fanta breakfast. Perfect. The bike path going down, right along… Read More

el rio grande The Rio grande flows from the continental divide like a golden thread, taking the loneliness out of the Colorado mountains. The eyes of dead apache warriors express their sorrow with silent renegade war cries, as the Rio grande meanders through New Mexico.Tooh-ba-aadi is an ancient Navajo word for a south flowing river. It flows through Tejas like a carancahua red cloth, it cuts through chihuahuas, ¬†coahuila, ¬†Nuevo Leon and… Read More