I don’t chastise myself too much for travel downtime but there’s always a guilty twinge. I look out over the mountains surrounding Addis and think we should have taken a day trip up into them but photos from my window must suffice. When I had the bronchial attack in Brisbane, Australia the saving grace was the wall of windows looking out over the ocean. But that was serious; today is a four-hour… Read More

RAIN Life is a search, right? For the right jobs, partners, goals, houses and on and on. Big, huge really, on that list is finding the place to live that suits you—the climate and landscape that make you happy. ME, I do not like sun. And live in New Mexico! Sometimes the match just isn’t made and you do the best you can—by desperately hoping it will rain when you visit other… Read More

10:25PM: Jetlag 1, Me 0. Short sleeps then nights of wakefulness. A slightly dopey state of daytime being. It rained this evening. Addis Ababa is chilly damp green place. About 7,500 feet high and between three and four million people. Addis seems a dark city. Our fourth floor ceiling to floor windows look out on the city skyline offering up a mere scattering of lights. Where’s the neon gaudiness of night time… Read More