Day Three … and Home…with art and aliens between. After a fine night’s sleep in a Roswell hotel, we were ready for art, and our first stop was the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art. The Museum was opened in 1994 to showcase work produce by the Roswell Artist-in-Residence program, and it is packed with the most delightful and interesting assortment of contemporary art imaginable. It’s an especially welcoming place with the odd, but appropriate couch or table and chairs here and there where you can sit and gaze in deep concentration at a work or simply rest for a moment and consider the meaning of life.

Next up on our itinerary, the International UFO Museum and Research Center, where we entered as total skeptics and ,after reading a few of the panels, left thinking “well, maybe…” “Yeah, I think so…” “Give me one reason to trust anything the military does or doesn’t deny, state, publish, bomb, whatever!” So now I believe in aliens—and Dr. Fauci. Anyway, it was fun…and I got a t-shirt.

Then it was the long and picturesque and two-lanes back home.

And then I had a stomach test which consisted of eating radiate eggs and toast, and Teresa got a booster shot, and played couch-girl for part of a day and prepared lamb posole and Three Sister Salad the rest of the day…and we immersed ourselves in the bloody doings of Eve and Villanelle.

A perfect Thanksgiving. Thank you Lace and New Mexico and the European invaders for colonizing this country so we could have stuffing and pecan pie sometimes (just kidding…not really thanking those raggedy religious anti-vaxxer types that landed at Jamestown or Plymouth Rock or wherever).


  1. What a great time you had with Lace and your adventures. Schuyler knows some stories about the aliens in Roswell….people who knew the story, first hand. very interesting


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