MOMA and a Skinny Skyscraper

It’s about two months since Bob and I made it to New York, happily visiting reopened Broadway theaters, restaurant hopping with vaccination cards in hand—feeling like the end of this twisty tunnel was just ahead. Yeah, well you know the story…I was actually supposed to be landing in Nairobi about now, instead I’m unsure about whether to hide under the bed or just find the nearest public gathering of unvaccinated nut jobs (probably a Republican Party Christmas gathering) and breathe in the germy air. In the meantime, photos from our last days in NYC: the dining, art and skinny skyscraper album.

Then is was MOMA time. I guess it’s silly to take photos of a few of my favorite pieces, but looking back from a later blog book they remind me of a lovely day and occasional new discoveries.

PBS has a documentary series called Impossible Builds which offered up the Skinny Skyscraper a few weeks ago. The architects and engineers involved in this build in Manhattan just below Central Park have to be somewhat crazy…certainly dreamers…but they did it. I’m not sure how I feel about such a structure from an environmental or safety point of view, but it’s certainly fascinating…and so beautiful. Especially with the sky reflected off it in a way that makes it look transparent. I’m only sharing two or three of the camera-filled images I snapped from every angle. 

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  1. Such an interesting city…so close…but I do not visit…what does that mean? Does it mean anything?

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