What a strange week. Energetic. Writing. Picking bedroom paint colors. Time at North Fourth thinking it will be part of our lives again? All good…except that the Sleaze just won’t leave the building. I shouldn’t be nervous. I think. Should I? DT is like the blob…devouring any good in his path…and can’t be destroyed. But he must be ultimately, mustn’t he?…or is that me, age 8, ‘whistling in the dark’ on my way home from Audrey’s house so the Minnesota wild things won’t get me? Little over two weeks and our most frightening national nightmare had damn well better be OVER.

Back to my summary of Covid year…I felt compelled to do a second summer album so I could post pictures of my second favorite activity (remember Bosque with Steve was the first). That would be a spurt of baking quick breads. Banana, Strawberry, Peach, Cottage Cheese Walnut…they were beautiful and I loved giving them to friends. However the thrill of giving soon wore off since I could not even sample them now that I am seriously gluten-free. I admit to scraping the bowl for the last of the dough though. It was delicious.

The summer was fine I think. I have always traveled in the summer though. Always. To places near and far. This summer I was not out of Albuquerque so it seems like a kind of nervously, blurry, non-entirely unpleasant time. So I think this will do it for summer 2020.

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