My son’s birthday year just keeps unraveling. He should have known better than to be born in 1960.

The last post ended with Scott and traveling buddies in Belfair, Washington after flying into Seattle and getting the gear together and cycling those first miles. So far so good. Belfair to Montesano (70 miles), next day to Cape Disappointment (85 miles), on to Rockaway Beach OR (77 miles) which brings us to today. A brief morning ride to Tillamook where Highway 101 closed down. Closed. Fires. 2020. The year of unending disaster. The guys are in a hotel in Tillamook tonight designing Plan B. I’m anxious to hear since this was my one and only vicariously-lived trip for this stupid year.

Here are photos from these days in some sort of order. I like them a lot…decent mix of bikes, scenery, food…

At least they got enough of a start so if they do it again they’ll know to avoid fire season …. and escalators.


Yesterday’s view from granddaughter Lace’s balcony in San Francisco.


    • Hey Barb…how are you and Doug? Robert says you all see each other now and then. I miss so much being in Minnesota this summer…you’re lucky to be there. I’ll tell Scott you said his photos were good…he’ll like that. I take credit for telling him to take pictures of things around instead of just scenery…he takes that seriously especially if it’s beer or food! Miss you all and take care. Please give Doug a hug for me. Marj


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