My goal here is not to write prose of which I’ll later be proud…oh sure that would be nice but right now I can barely remember the alphabet. My goal is to keep track of this never-to-be-repeated year in my or my children’s or grandchildren’s lifetimes. Hopefully. A couple years from now I want to leaf through my blog book for 2020 and say ‘you know that wasn’t so bad…I learned x or accomplished y or, at the very least, read a lot of excellent books.

Today is today. I did work on my book (currently being called “Window Seat”) awhile and then went to a lab for blood tests (regular thing because of my unpredictable stomach) for a longer while. And it was actually just a little hazy today which nearly made me happy. True happiness would have required clouds and rain and the blot-of-trump wiped out of world history.

Tomorrow I’ll write an anti-sun piece. I’ll have to stand outside and take pictures of the thing to include in a post I suppose.

For today just some photos from the walk Steven and I took last week…before covid entered the family and threw us a bit off track. Granddaughter Sara is fine and apparently no one else in the family contracted the thing but between the governor’s tightening up last week and Sara…it all feels like it’s closing in …

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  1. Thanks for the nice happy photos. Sometimes in November it rains off and on for days. Dreary and damp. Looks like you guys are not getting any monsoons?

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