god, murder and forests

Yesterday I said my mom loved god, my dad loved the woods, and my school told me to love America. Sorry mom…couldn’t go the god route, and certainly nothing in my history as an American has convinced me that this country deserves unqualified love. While I treasure the geography of my  land, I find it much harder to feel love for a number of my fellow Americans: the racists, the greedy, the purposely stupid, the violent and angry. As I watched the autopsy report on George Floyd being presented a few minutes ago, my suspicions that we’re not an honorable nation were again confirmed. It’s sad not to be proud of one’s home, I think you’ll agree. And I’m not. And I’m sad.

Fortunately I did inherit my dad’s love of the woods. Son Steven and I walked a restorative early morning five miles in the bosque, enjoying unqualified and prideful love of trees and the river and the early morning cool and calm.

While it’s important to be a skeptic of belief systems demanding worship; and essential to be angry, enraged in fact, over America’s inability to end its addiction to ‘isms’ … it is so fine to be among the trees for awhile…to find beauty and calm and unalloyed good down along our very own stretch of the Rio Grande.

Another day of sadness…except for my son and the cottonwoods and the slow blue water.

2 Comments on “god, murder and forests

  1. We are like the Rio Grande…sometimes full of water…full of promise…sometimes just mud or a trickle….and then you despair….and you hope for the Spring melt again…when will America run full again…full or promise…for everyone

  2. Yes, America is beautiful for its wonderful nature and natural parks but NOT for some of its people, the ones you so well list in the 1st paragraph of your above post, a HUGE disappointment with sadness for someone like me who emigrated to NYC in the mid 80’s to start a new and most important chapter of my life before becoming one of its citizens! It started 400 years ago with the landing of a few ships in Virginia, how long will this racism evil still last in this country?

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