End of April, first week of May, friend Bob and I were going to be doing Broadway…he being a serious aficionado of Broadway musicals and me loving the modest number I’ve seen over the years. Bob Dylan’s Girl from the North Country was the central attraction but Dear Evan Hansen, West Side Story, and Hadestown were awaiting our presence as well. Spring in New York/New York, music, food, wandering…doesn’t get any better than that. Or it wouldn’t have gotten any better than that had it not been for the evil virus disrupting everyday life and special occasions with equal disdain.

In 2011, Sara and I went to The Lion King on Broadway. It was an adventure…from a night in a slum-hotel (in the theater district with okay reviews) over to our only night ever at a Ritz Carlton hotel with a view of Lady Liberty. We took trains and went to the top of the Empire State Building and ate pizza. Last week Sara turned 21 and we were supposed to be going to Africa this summer…next year it will be…or 2022?

I had many things planned for the year…to commemorate them I’ll post a few related photos and think happy thoughts about next year…in New York, Cuba, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Morocco, California, New England…and Roswell perhaps. I’ve never been there. Happy thoughts about a better-normal world. With fingers tightly crossed.

Back in the day. Sara in NYC.



  1. Once upon a time…sounds like the start of a lovely story…well, I think when this is over you will once again be able to do all of these adventures. I have started to save some money for my 2021 train trip back to New Mexico…although I really want to do some other train routes as well…all in good time…and you will start your adventures again…all in good time


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