Well…so today hasn’t been as rewarding as yesterday. It’s like that isn’t it? Up-and-down ad nauseam. It’s okay though. Did some transcribing of old notes into computer, baked a potato, pulled down my shades to make the sun go away, read awhile, watching “Homeland” now.

It is a huge treat in my life these days to have friend Pat at Carr Imaging restoring, arranging and mounting my old photos. It’s giving me something to look forward to that is not only a tangible item to stare happily at now, because of the artful redoing of the photos, but each one is chock-full of memories. A good time for good memories… Picture for today. Son Scott and his wife Sandra back in the day (1989 I think) when we were all visiting Baguio in the Philippines; then the happy couple just a few years ago when they were back for a holiday. Sandra still has land and many friends and relatives there, so she goes back often to her beloved home. 

The notes I was transcribing today were from a 1991 trip to South America. It was the perfect trip actually, funded by the Suitcase Fund in the David White days. Research into the status of the contemporary performing arts in Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil. I noted arts-related meetings and events, the passing countryside and brand new cities, and the adventures of cheap hotels and local transportation. Actually pretty thorough, although I’ve lost Brazil! I am on Facebook with my primary contact in Peru where I spent more time than anywhere else, but we really haven’t been in direct personal contact for many years. My time today with those old memories of how much I loved Peru, and the wealth of history and arts perspective shared by Miguel have given me the impetus to message him tonight. Nice things to think of in a gloomy time. Old snapshots of those pre-digital-everything travels (at least one from each country) would be stashed away and forgotten if it weren’t for Pat’s restoration (thanks Pat). Among the next batch are photos from that long-ago time in Lima. When they’re ready I’ll post here.

Now I feel better. And think how fine it would be IF 1) were younger/richer and 2) the world was not in crisis and 3) I could visit the Philippines and South America again.


  1. You know…I was a Latin American affairs major at UNM…and I never set foot on the continent of South America…how could that be? Guess I never will, unless I can take a train.

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