Last post of last days of last trip of 2019. I admit to wimping out on our day and one-half in Istanbul. I did spend a spectacular few days there in 2011. Go to for my pictures to prove it! If I appear ever so slightly defensive it’s because I probably should be embarrassed that the highlight of this last day of this major trip for me was visiting LC Waikiki, a French clothing chain that offered up an array of gold for my shopping pleasure.

LC Waikiki, French chain, existing everywhere it seems. Described as low-cost and stylish. Why not…

Our sweet little hotel, the Valide Sultan Konagi.

Turkish breakfasts are things of great beauty. And taste.

I did manage to rouse myself for a trip to the seriously-grand bazaar. Bought $125 worth of Iranian saffron by mistake (you had to be there) but once it was divided between my four foodie friends in Albuquerque all was well. Istanbul is so full of tourists that it’s a bit much. If I were to start my travels all over again I would only go to important tourist destinations in the most-off of seasons.


3 Comments on “ISTANBUL

  1. Seriously want to know, how much weight in saffron did $125 buy? Asking for a foodie friend!

    • Hey Teresa…it was 15 grams…could have been a bit over $125 but I think in that neighborhood. The gang at work to whom I gave it kept asking me if I didn’t want some…No, I said, I’ve never cooked with saffron before and decided now was not the time to learn at that price.

  2. Yes, I have foodie friends and Schuyler especially would find a great dish to use with saffron. This is the saffron that traveled down the Silk Road, so very long ago.

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