Actually the weekend after … but Luna on the run is always a good opening picture.

This blog, Time and Place, allows me to share thoughts and images from the places I go—and occasionally here at home as well—and to record the pleasures and passage of time with friends and family.

For me, Time and Place has two main reasons to exist: Firstly, the pleasure of sharing my modestly adventureous travels and glimpses of my lively and lovely family and friends with the aforementioned, and hopefully a curious stranger now and then. Secondly, Time and Place becomes a real paper/print/picture book at the end of each year, a somewhat permanent record of my nice life—to be perused by me in a sedentary future and by future generations (which may only mean a granddaughter or two but that’s okay).

Now the 2018 wrap continues with this Thanksgiving post. The California family flew and drove in to spend the holiday with the New Mexicans and Minnesotans. It was a Special Event…but without traffic blocked off. Cooking, baking, eating; talk, lots of talk; and as there are no small children in the family at present, the three spoiled dogs took over little-kid duties of running about, spats, squeals and begging for snacks.

A good time was had by all…


No small children in the family but plenty of puppy dogs…

Is it time to eat yet…or yet one more photo op?

Patricia Comes to See the Cousins Off…

And Some Days Later…Marsha, Robert and Buddy Still Recuperating.

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