It’s the last day of August and I’m in Bergen, Norway (which will return in a later post). For now here are some photos from Trondheim. I stopped over there both as a base from which to go meet the Swedish cousins and also to experience a little of where my South Dakota grandfather, Ole Floren, originated. I spent a couple of days in Trondheim years ago but wasn’t as deeply into family history as I am now so it did not have quite the same significance as I expected from this visit—which actually wasn’t particularly meaningful after all. Trondheim is a fairly large, bustling, modern city, so the countryside on the trip to Sweden was the only sight that let me imagine how it must have been back in the day…. Also since I just saw many of the cousins from the Floren side of the family at the Aasen family reunion in Sioux Falls it felt like that branch of my tree was already more represented in my life. Maybe with future DNA connections it will be possible to meet some long lost cousins here in Norway; if not I’m just happy to now know more of the US family.

Nevertheless, Trondheim is a pretty city and I was staying in a lovely apartment through airbnb so it was all worthwhile…and here are the pictures to prove it.


  1. Charming city. I guess the brightly colored paints on the buildings makes up for the cold and dark winter. What an adventure. I tell Shima at the Cobblestone Cafe about your adventures. She would make a great traveling companion. Adventuresome…..and so appreciative of the world around her…you two would get along well.

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