4.4 MILES, 841 FEET. Not so much but probably healthier than an hour on the couch with “The Americans.” (Actually not as much fun though)

Ah yes, you know the plot. Little old lady hikes up little old mountain to prove … that she can. Cast of characters: Little old lady and son. Highlights of the story: SoCal scenery and wild life (soon the environment won’t even sustain that one snake and three lizards). Time and Place: April 3rd, Black Mountain in San Diego County. Reward: a Nordstrom’s afternoon (surely will miss access to those shiny Ivanka baubles, but she was never big in the jeans aisle anyway).

The album. Trying to convince my sons to take me up in a palanquin on my 85th birthday. But for now…



  1. I had forgotten about the annual climb. The snake was not something I would like to see on the trail…all those years in New Mexico and I never saw a rattlesnake….but several Roadrunners. I spent 4 hours in my garden pulling Delaware weeds that are overtaking every flower because of the mild winter we had. However, I do not think I burned as many calories as you did and you certainly had more fun. I hope you splurged on a nice restaurant, wine, and sinfully delicious dessert.

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