(This set of posts comprise an addendum for Time and Place 2015-16, accounting for previous travels and events.) 

Quite a few of the following photos have been posted previously but because these two astonishingly beautiful and diverse cities with unmatched historical significance are in so much trouble—first from the civil war unleashed by the U.S.’ disastrous ventures in Iraq, and now to be followed by the shyster’s band of swamp creatures who are almost uniformly anti-everything Islamic, Arabic, Middle Eastern— except for our pet Israel. I have been a fervent supporter of Israel in many instances but the combination of the demands on Jerusalem and those hideous settlements on stolen Palestinian land has turned me away—along I suspect with a lot of others with a history of believing in a homeland for the Jewish people—and the turning away includes a great many Jewish people.

Not so many years ago when I traveled between Jordan and Israel and Palestine and then took a long-distance taxi to Damascus, it was all relatively peaceful, relatively safe and absolutely historically culturally geographically fascinating.

I’ve read a lot about this whole Middle Eastern region over the years and have loved being in all of the cities and countries to which my journeys have taken me. It is a little strange because religion of any brand is offensive to me and yet the many Muslim countries I’ve visited are among my happiest travel experiences.

In any case…here’s yet one more photo album. May this land have peace someday.

A little Israeli humor: Moses dragged us through the desert to the one place in the Middle East where there is no oil. (Golda Meir)








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