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Time and Place 2015-16—the book—requires that I write a few summation posts to wrap up this year for a book that will result from the past two years of traveling and blogging and being. I’ve already described turning this blog into a series of books. Casually written, imperfectly edited, and laden with a mixed bag of photos, these books are nevertheless so very exciting to me because they give me an authentic overview of my life since 2010 and, with plentiful inserts, long before.

Now, preparing for the final book in this series—at least until 2018—which will include a peek into my personal life of family, friends, home and work in addition to a rich array of travel stories and pictures. A nice way to wrap up seven years of my fortunate life. There will be an addendum of travel posts depicting places and times left out of the past three books but these few posts of the final days of 2016 will be the official ending. If this seems a slightly odd format it’s because the blogs are all fed into a computer program that doesn’t allow for any tweaking or out-of-order insertions before they emerge as—drum roll—a book. It’s okay…Time and Place, the books can be left lying around the house and their pages can be turned and paper stroked and notes made so the imperfections are easy to forgive.

A goal for this year is to complete the first draft of a real book (as in—written with care and originality and brilliance and published for money). If “100” (the book) becomes a reality it will be the big accomplishment of a lifetime. However these blog books will be my real companions as I encounter the inevitable memory loss and decreased mobility that comes with the territory called aging. I can turn a page and there I’ll be in Okavango Delta or Paris or Moscow or Narsarsuaq or at Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner 2016 in Albuquerque or San Diego. Even better my grand- and great-grandchildren will know I was someone else before I became the crone in the corner.

This topic closed. Next up:  ‘Fear and Loathing…in the New World Order.’ No, not an update of Hunter Thompson’s great ‘72 book, just my 2016 final words on how I intend to deal with life as an embarrassed and very nervous American!

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