The FLORIDA Cousin

Yesterday we drove down to south of Ocala to visit our Florida cousin. A nice Minnesota girl she married an Air Force boy from the Everglades and after many stints abroad settled down to being a southerner. The smaller the family the greater importance attached to the cousins next door–we lived at the end of the road, Dolores and Audrey at the foot of the ‘Big Hill.’ Their mom was our dad’s little sister, born after the family came to America.

So my first foray away from Minnesota and the end of that road was post high-school to stay with Dolores and her new family in Orlando Florida…a big Greyhound adventure/history lesson/love story…which, since it’s already written, maybe I’ll post later today.

It’s warm warm warm wet foggy misty muggy damp grey soft outside this AM. My favorite weather in the world. In a previous life I’m pretty sure I was a swamp creature. Possibly even a skinny shy alligator.

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  1. These cousins look very very happy. I am not a swamp creature in a previous life, I lived in the Sahara, that is why I like dry New Mexico, but in the mountains…where it is cooler.

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