Back to BEIJING and Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City

Home now. Happy to be here. Happy to have been a traveler for the last six weeks. Fell behind on my ‘reporting’ because of lack of internet access for the last couple of weeks. I’ll catch up this evening and over the next day or two with photo albums from Beijing, ferry to Seoul, Seoul and (maybe) a disjointed rant, “Delta Done” before I actually feel DONE. 

But now…back to Beijing.

By now I was very tired of being ‘guided’ and the guide and I had lost interest in each other which  does not an ideal relationship make. Cindy lost a lot of money on the Chinese market crash and was fairly depressed and I wanted to know more about what the Tiananmen Square massacre meant to students like her back at that time. I didn’t really expect her to open up a lot but even some history articulated from the government’s point of view would have been welcome.

The Square was gorgeously decked out which happens every year at this time. Started a little early this year because of the big military deal a week or so ago. I suppose I would have liked to walk around by myself, thinking deep thoughts about the nature of democracy blah blah blah…but actually I was pretty much out of deep thoughts anyway.

So then we went to the Forbidden City and were done. I had really lost all energy by then and was mentally still back in Tiananmen Square so it was a good time for my tourist day to end.

Here’s a Time article reminding us of what happened on Tiananmen Square 26 years ago.



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  1. So was there a discussion about the massacre? Grand buildings and such a long and interesting history in this country. Oriental art and dance and music are very interesting.

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