Before leaving the Setesdal Valley in spirit as well as body, here is one more photo album of what must be one of the loveliest places in the world. Kristiansand lies at the southern tip of Norway which is where the Setesdal Valley begins, running north for 100+ miles with the lake named Byglandsfiord at its center. Sparsely populated, with farms and a few small towns making up the scene. Could almost be northern Minnesota except for those green mountains perking up the landscape considerably. Next post we will move on to family and art and Norwegianness—for the general edification, enlightment and enjoyment of all—especially the American Nesets (whatever their last names) I suppose. Maybe if I edit enough it can be a little interesting outside the immediate family! I’ll try.

So long Setesdal Valley, see you next year.


  1. It is so beautiful Marge, I had no idea. But being a flat lander….mountains and rolling hills are exotic…

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