MOROCCO 2009-4


ESSAOUIRA. The windiest city on the African continent or at least in Morocco.


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  1. We generally have no idea how people live in other parts of our planet. Perhaps if we did, people here would be more appreciative of what we have. Since many people here don’t even cook anymore and just buy ready made food, they probably do not know what salt is. Is this all he sells? I would assume it comes from the nearby sea, or King Solomons mines. Morocco some how seems to be a safe place to visit, as opposed to some of the places you visit. Sorry, I am just a travel sissy, but I think you already knew that.

    • Hey Tom…since there are so few places LESS dangerous than Albuquerque and you came here—I think you’re good for anyplace except Syria and Eastern Ukraine. And maybe Espanola.

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