Pulling out of my driveway this AM. That's a FULL MOON, not an explosion.

Pulling out of my driveway this AM. That’s a FULL MOON, not an explosion.

Slept badly. Up at 3AM. But who cares—I have new travel plans, more travel plans, scary travel plans. I have email exchanges going with Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. And texting and phone calls with my lovely T. to go visit the Virginia Tech campus with her—one of the schools she’s considering for her masters.

And my birthday present from San Diego son is a plane ticket for a week with him ending in my April birthday.  And AmEx gave me a plane ticket for Minnesota May/June. While it’s not exactly a present from them it sort of feels like it because the miles just accrue. It’s like Social Security which feels like a present also even though I know it was earned through the sweat of my brow—well actually I didn’t sweat that much but my brow did furrow a lot in all those dance years.

It just doesn’t matter what else is going on in my life (all good really) or how much I would like to pay all my bills off or how much I would like not to spend all my weekend hours theater-sitting for comp hours or how much I contemplate the vulnerabilities of age—any tinkle of the travel bell and I’m off.

My plans already included the new countries of Latvia, Russia and Mongolia. Since my travel buddy has decided not to be that I’ve decided to alter the trip to include Belarus in the beginning, Kazakhstan in a stopover on the Siberian train and an overnight in South Korea on the way home and I will have reached 100! Actually 101 if I count Kosovo.

Now an email must go to my travel helper/guide/booker at RealRussia to tell her I definitely want to make these changes. Do I have the stamina for this? But when will I be any younger or richer—so if not now when?


  1. Such adventures. I certainly do not have the drive to do all that traveling in far off places. Something bit me on that Amtrak train, and I think it was also the travel bug, well, I hope it was. I am more into scenery and beautiful European cities than adventure…but indeed, that is why they make vanilla and chocolate ice cream. I so love accompanying you on your adventures through you blog….I like them.

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