Patricia, looking happier than she actually was about the food.

Patricia, looking happier than she actually was about the food.

‘Poor New Mexico! So far from heaven, so close to Texas!’
Manuel Armijo,  Mexican governor of the territory of Nuevo México,  1841

Places, all places—as in all the geographies on the planet—are each interesting in their own way. Finding out what it is about any one of the pinpoints on a map that makes it worthy of your attention is the trick, especially if you realize you may be visiting there off and on for a few years.

I am on a mission to discover the secret to liking Lubbock. Granddaughter Patricia is in school here and intends to stay long enough to graduate as an architect. So I’m here for my first Saturday night sleepover of many.

There are things to tell about the drive over and the restaurant where we ate and raucous football sounds from the Texas Tech Stadium next to where Patricia works and the grocery store and cold weather and listening to Terry Allen’s Lubbock on everything from the Texas border on over. Well some things at least. All of them will be incorporated into the ‘Liking Lubbock’ project but not tonight.

A photo or two from the today.


A little color in a bleak landscape.



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  1. Marge, I hope you looked up Tina Fuentes while you were in Lubbock. She’s still in the Fine Arts dept. there I think. Or perhaps has been retired for a year? She lives there with her husband Paz. Also, please look me up next time you’re in Seattle. It would be great to chat. Love that you still have the adventurous spirit.

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