Scott and his kids are checking out ‘the scene’ up on main street Melville, Steven the Elder is in his room, and here I am after a trip to the bookstore, happy though still a bit hung-over from two and one-half wines at Lucky Bean for our final Joburg lunch.

I’m still on my nostalgia trip. The bookstore. Love that bookstore. Knowing I may not stay in Melville again because when I return in three or four years even downtown will be user-friendly for visitors. Or Malema will have come to power and everything will have gone to complete hell.

Steven E. turned in early. Hope he’s having fun. Hope everyone is happy for having had an African time. Hope I did not lure them here under false pretenses—that they would love this place like I do.

Intended to write a whole post about food but I’m too tired. Went over my one wine/little old lady limit. This age-thing is fine, even advantageous at several levels (patience, pleasure in thinking/observing, big picture views, wisdom [maybe]). What it sucks at is physical stamina. For important things like drinking wine and tramping about in the Okavango Delta. We will soon see about the latter.

Here’s a small album. The family, the room, the food. Next stop Botswana.



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  1. Interesting to see how food can be an important part of any travel….in terms also of the culture it reflects! Not to forget mentioning water and in this case, drinkable water!

  2. Looks like you and the family are having a great time. Vacations that include travel are the best. I am having some second thoughts about the food you are showing….

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