Sliding Around

Can't take photos in performances so it's just snow snow snow

Can’t take photos in performances so it’s just snow snow snow

As predicted, all snow and dance. I combined the two for a few seconds as 1 ½ of my feet pirouetted on the cold wet marble of a theater entrance, swooping to one knee and springing (more like lurching truth be told) back up in the embarrassment of it all. No harm done.

 The most annoying downside of winter snows is not the cold damp dark in general, it is the impaired mobility factor—walking on slick surfaces is actually dangerous. Funny, don’t remember that being a problem growing up in Minnesota, land of ice and snow supreme! Is age the real issue here perhaps?

 Thursday. To dance to dance to dance to dance to dance.

And, to speak both ill and gratefully of the experiences: First. Three performances by apparently over-indulged girls who have been led to believe that it is worth our while to watch them 1) tell a small story—cutely; 2) insult the audience with serial panty removal, toy guns and …well…screeching; and, last but not least, 3) edging and twitching across the stage to boringly repetitive sound. Every festival/showcase has many misses for every hit, indeed after the ‘girls’ (disparagingly labeled thusly because they seemed so young in their unintended [I think] arrogance) there was one more unremarkable presentation.

BUT THEN. Kenneth Kvarnstrom’s piece “YOUMAKEME” for the Helsinki Dance Company. Brilliant. More than made up for the previous misspent hours. Five dancers of some excellence uniquely choreographed and costumed. A work of dark humor, smart lighting and layer upon layer of the unexpected. Perfect. Love this…everyone did.

Dances like Kvarnstrom’s make me sad to be ending my career as a programmer. Because, if I were going on past 2013, I would want to make another Latitudes North festival with work by Tero Saarinen and Kenneth Kvarnstrom—Finland would be well-represented. Now, in two days, I will find the representatives of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

Stop it Marjorie. That’s magical thinking. You are not doing this anymore.

Some regret at moments. Relief too though. Not to have to wade through the possibilities to get to the actual.

On with Friday. A meeting with JOURNEYS spring artist, Philippe Blanchard; walk to the market for silver jewelry for the woman, young and old, in my family, and highly anticipated evening performances.

I must work on a new subject...until then. More snow.

I must work on a new subject…until then. More snow.

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  1. Marjorie I am happy that you did not injure yourself…although I am sure their “socialistic” medical system would have take care of you efficiently. The pictures of the snow are both nice and not so nice. Pretty scenery…too cold..way too much snow… I am glad you had a good experience along with the bad..good karma and bad karma. It all evens out and becomes a circle. Have fun

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