DC, Durham, Newark, Frankfurt, Accra, Lomé, Cotonou, Lagos


Sunday morning, 4:30am a short intense working trip begins. Reviewing grant applications in Durham, North Carolina; meeting some dancers and arts administrators in Accra, Ghana; buses to Lomé, Togo and Cotonou, Benin. Time with a most intriguing dance artist in Lagos, Nigeria.

Keeping a smallish combo backpack/suitcase lightly packed no matter the demands of that extra pair of jeans to go along. But I am leaving my Kindle at home. I do not like it. There must be room for books even if more clothes are jettisoned. A new Icelandic murder mystery—or two. A biography of Alexander Hamilton or my book club novel. The mix should keep me amused on sleepless nights.

Biggest decision. No computer. Just me and my Droid.  Who have never really bonded. So back to the days when I spent much of my time on the road in coffee shops writing…by hand…with a notebook…and a pen. Remember that? It was most pleasurable, especially at sidewalk cafes, especially with café au laits, especially  with cigarettes…especially in Paris? Never mind. That was then, this is now. No cigarettes, no Paris. Will Accra have a Starbucks?

2 Comments on “DC, Durham, Newark, Frankfurt, Accra, Lomé, Cotonou, Lagos

  1. Hello cousin Marjorie,
    Not sure it you remember me but I remember your mom and dad very well. Your mom was my grandma’s sister. We use to live in Minneapolis and headed north in the summer to visit Uncle Swan and Aunt Vida almost every summer. I remember Buster the collie and Hocheman the rooster that liked to attack.
    Juanita (Muffin) Gingerich Needles, daughter of Ray and Marie Gingerich

    • Hi Muffin…of course I remember you. And how amazing to connect through FB after so very many years. Here is my email. Would love to know more about where and how you are. In fact I think another cousin and I will go to Montana this summer for a very brief time to see Gail and others. email: mneset@vsartsnm.org

      Hope I hear from you. Marj

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