Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport…

Me Kangaroo

There are adventures and travels and journeys and holidays—all will get you to other lands but how you act when you get there will be quite different depending on your mode of choice. On a holiday you have fun dammit!

Holidays are FUN!

This is a holiday. At a family beach town. In Queensland, Australia. Steven and his friend Brant are relaxing and do appear to be having fun…and I have my 82nd passport stamp so the basic goals have been achieved.  Now what? Bird watching.

My intent was to write but getting quite ill put a damper on that worthy plan.  I haven’t given up especially since I’ve finished the three detective novels in my bag and must switch to slightly more serious literature before I get to Auckland bookstores. But bird watching is good.

Our vacation spot, Surfers Paradise, packed with inlanders/outbackers, is San Diego with the landlubbing Zonies everywhere putting their wet suits on backwards and turning a dangerous crimson. Even though this place has nothing on San Diego, Steven and Brant seem okay because here they have total freedom from school and work and parental expectations and they can legally drink beer! Actually they are far too smart to take full advantage of these wild possibilities.

Party boys planning another decadent adventure

I am bored and just realized I will come and go from Australia without ever seeing a KANGAROO. But…we’re off to souvenir shop. Surely that will yield one.


Oh yeah…and a sun/heat wave here. Blah…

However I will go buy a new shirt or two so I don’t have to wash anything in the sink. That’s fun.

And I am sleeping with the big sliding doors wide open every moment.… (however…if sea air cures why am I not okay by now?)  Actually this part is really better than fun.

And there is ZERO news about American politics on TV. Should I check in on line just in case it all turned rational overnight and intelligent discussion is ensuing? Nah…what are the odds. Fun.

And Steven just came back from the store with a stash of doughnuts. Serious fun.

Still I WANT TO SEE A LIVE KANGAROO. Won’t. Oh well, shall I eat my lemon doughnut or my chocolate doughnut?

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  1. Marjorie.,..I hope you are feeling better by now…donuts are good, but I find cookies much better. I even have my newspaper ad rep. promising to bring me some cookies (homemade) that are in her freezer. Eat cookies…they are much better for you. Cold here, but you have been colder in Albuquerque than Dover and you even have had more snow! Snow, that is what they don’t have where you are…and you so love the ocean. Have a great time, Tom

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