Time to leave

The basic vehicle of travel

It’s that last 36 hours before the journey begins. When you wonder what in the world you are doing. Why does anyone leave the comfort of their own space to be humiliated by security, trek down endless halls to your next flight which is always at the other end of the terminal. Get the seat next to a person eating something full of garlic and onions. Wonder if the snow in DC will ever stop. Know you should read the instructions for your new camera. Pay the utility bills. Stop the papers. Throw out the last of the milk.  AAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH! But tomorrow I’ll be in love with whole idea again. My hotel in Cape Town is booked and apparently staffed by lovely people who send e-mails to assure me they’ll pick me up at the airport where I’ll arrive quite late at night. And to get to my hotel in Windhoek  the next week I should tell the cab driver at the bus station to take me to the hotel across from the “fruit and veg” street. Okay…I’m already happy again.

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  1. OK Marj. you don’t have time right now to read comments… have an amazing fabulous trip, enjoy the culture and the DANCE AND THEATER, hike around until you fall over into your hotel bed, and remember how much you love traveling when all goes wrong (which it almost always does – esp when you’re attempting DC travel right after an historic blizzard…). South African wine is some of the best in the world, so drink a few glasses for me and bring back adventures and leads of very cool artists to bring here to ABQ. and send pics to us via this blog! ciao for now, K

  2. Yes, getting there sounds less than appealing, but being there sounds divine.

  3. Marge I have been reading this with great relish! Who would have thought I would be reading a blog, glad it is yours. Your trip sounds fabulous and I look forward to reading about it every day. Roy is on the train today back to ABQ. We had 2 blizzards while he was here, and it is snowing again this morning.
    I know you are having and will continue to have a great adventure…Tom, in snowy Dover, Delaware

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