Window Seat

Sitting on the curb…waiting for the WORLD

WINDOW SEAT is alive and well…as a travel blog with some dance and theater and maybe a personal bit or two thrown into the mix. WINDOW SEAT, the book, will be how I got to here—a not-very-young woman with limited funds who is compelled to go-to-every-country-in-the-world-before-I-die. I have so far been to 61 countries which leaves 131-134 to go depending on who is counting and what month or year it is. Countries do come and go—for example, who knew TWO (Soviet Union and Yugoslavia) would become MANY (about 15)—so I must be concerned about whether my travel stamina and curiosity can keep up. I am fortunate to have a great job working with contemporary artists of every culture, every background and every ability. Often my travels are to see new work and perhaps invite these creative global adventurers to our art center in New Mexico. AND SOMETIMES MY TRAVELS ARE BECAUSE I NEED TO GO ROUND THE NEXT BEND OR SEE OVER THE NEXT RIDGE—revealing my love of road trips even if most places on my travel agenda cannot be reached in my trusty but aging Mazda.


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  1. Hey, thanks Laurie, my very first comment. Oh right, now I must make another posting, right?

  2. I’m so glad to have been a part of few of your journeys and hope to catch up with you someday! So which was country #1? and when?

  3. hey Marj, have fun and safe travels…..I knew you would do it so that Africa has only a few secrets left for you! and tell us more about it as you go along! Will be in Tokyo and Taipei for a week meanwhile. Bernard

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